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Dato’ Dr. Tan Meng Lee


Hailing from a small town in Perak, Dato Dr. Tommy Tan Meng Lee is an alumnus of UKM, graduating with an MD degree. He used to serve in Hospital Kuala Lumpur in the dermatology department, thus sparking an interest in him in the field of skin and aesthetics. He further pursued and successfully received a Diploma in Practical Dermatology from the United Kingdom and later on another Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. He is also a certified occupational health doctor and practicing LCP aesthetic doctor. He currently sits as the Chief Executive Officer of ASP Medical Clinic Sdn Bhd.

Although with a medical background, he sees himself more as an entrepreneur. In addition to that, he is also a skin and aesthetic doctor where he provides expert consultation and treatment plans to those who have skin problems. What prompted him and drove him to start his successful business today stemmed from his passion to provide the community and corporate with affordable and efficient healthcare due to rising costs of healthcare and its low affordability. Being a tech junkie himself, he has launched many innovative technology products related to healthcare such as medical mobile app, health tracking, e-pharmacy, telemedicine and electronic medical system.

Being in the medical industry is not an easy task due to the ever-changing forces of policy making, healthcare trends and technological updates. However, Dr. Tommy is always one step ahead of others due to his continuous learning habits. He sets a good example in the company and always encourages his team to be proactive in learning. He also actively conducts training and knowledge sharing for his team to improve and be equipped with new knowledge.

Dr. Tommy is an avid travel junkie and foodie. He loves a good meal and now has his own food blog which he showcases some of the best local food all around Malaysia. Some of his favourite local delicacies include teh tarik, char kuey teow, and banana leaf rice. He travels a lot seeking out good food and he wishes to share with others the great food that he has tasted. He also enjoys travelling and exploring other parts of world, trying new cuisines, tasting Michelin star rated foods and embracing new cultures in the process. He is never one to shy away from new experiences. Of course, with all the good food and being a medical doctor himself, he looks out for himself by balancing his time for physical activity such as jogging, playing golf and indulging in a friendly match of badminton. He frequently indulges himself in such sports at least twice a week to keep fit and stay on top of his game.

Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Tommy believes in having a personal touch when it comes to attending to patients and servicing existing corporate clients. He sets aside time to meet clients and sees his regular patients from time to time. The number of employees in the company grew from a mere 10 people team to currently we have 400 and expanding headcount in whole of Malaysia. Thanks to his perseverance and innovative solutions, the company now has presence in most of West Malaysia including major states like Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. Dr. Tommy also conducts overseas travels to seek out opportunities to expand the company to nearby regions such as Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan. There are plans underway to expand the company with the many solutions it offers now in terms of healthcare technology.

Dr. Tommy’s vision is to be the most comprehensive healthcare service provider in Malaysia and moving forward in nearby regions by empowering corporate clients and community to focus on long term preventive measure to keep employees and the people around healthy. He believes that prevention is better than cure and aims to ensure healthcare is also provided efficiently and affordably coupled with today’s technology. His future plans include expansion into nearby regions and exciting new healthcare technology products in the pipeline. His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, would be to always be innovative, work hard but ensure that health remains a priority.

ASP Medical Clinic Sdn Bhd
Healthcare, Pharmaceutical &
Biotechnology Industry
Unit 13.2, 13th Floor, Wisma Lee Rubber, No 1, Jalan Melaka, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2022 2677

Career Highlights


  • MD Degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).


  • Received Diploma in Practical Dermatology from University of Wales College of Medicine.


  • Founded ASP Medical Clinic Sdn Bhd.


  • ASP Medical Clinic Sdn Bhd achieved ISO 9001:2008 International Standard under Dr. Tommy’s leadership.


  • Received Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.


  • Silver for HR Vendor of the Year 2018 (Best Corporate Wellness Provider).
  • Winner of Lang International Corporate Titan Awards (Duke Enterprise – The Best Innovative Healthcare Provider).