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Information about the Company

Under S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited, the S&P Restaurant and Bakery has been in stable operation for over 50 years. S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited (S&P) started from a small ice cream corner established in Soi Prasanmitr, Bangkok, Thailand. The company has grown to become a restaurant and bakery chain renowned in Thailand and abroad with more than 470 outlets. It is Thailand’s cake and bakery industry leader, operating both domestically and abroad, along with full-service offerings such as food, bakery, coffee, and ready-to-eat items.

S&P’s vision is to become the most preferred Thai Restaurant and Cake & Bakery brand, offering preferred solutions to every family’s well-being for all occasions. This is achieved by the S&P brand operating under the principles of “Quality, Value, and Virtue” in every aspect of quality life & happiness for all stakeholders.

The company also has several missions that it is working towards. These are to continue to delight customers through excellent execution; to nurture exceptional talents and develop good leaders; to drive healthy growth in its core businesses; to create the next and sustainable business; to improve its systems and operations to be more streamlined; and to collaborate to make its society a healthier and happier place to live.

Innovative Corporate Culture & Growth Initiatives

S&P’s corporate culture is called “PATARA”, meaning P-Passion, A-Action, T-Teamplay, A-Attitude, R-Responsibility, and A-Achievement; these values are held by all executives and employees. Guided by this culture, the company has a variety of activities involving all stakeholders of the organization. These include the “S&P Kitchen for Kids Project” which has been regularly implemented throughout the past 15 years wherein school kitchens in remote areas are renovated alongside the promotion of hygiene and nutrition to youths, presently, there are 36 school kitchens that have been renovated nationwide.

Another initiative would be the “S&P Food Rescue Project” which has been implemented to transport the daily surplus foods of good quality production from 52 S&P outlets in Bangkok and other provinces to needy communities through foundations. In 2023, S&P delivered 202,598 meals to these communities and reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 122,045 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent.

There is also the “Effective and Continuous Personnel Development Project” which is dedicated to the development of skills, abilities, and education for all levels of employees. In addition, personnel development programs have been provided, implemented, and closely monitored for the evaluation of achievements such as the Outward Mindset for Executives; the Leadership Development Program for Manufacturing Leaders (for employees in the production line); the Service Master Program (for outlet employees); and the Super Chef Program (for the discovery of S&P super chefs, the dissemination of knowledge and abilities among kitchen staff, and the preparation of employees for its future business expansion).

Achievements & Impact

In 2023, S&P had a total of 4,456 employees, 450 S&P outlet branches, and its affiliated brands reached a gross sales of THB 6,225 million and an 8.49% growth rate. The company has set guidelines for the sustainable development of the organization as it executes several sustainability initiatives.

These projects include the “Personnel Development Project” under the Training Roadmap; S&P has a fair performance evaluation system wherein all S&P employees and executives receive a performance evaluation at least once a year. The work performances of employees shall be used for personnel development under the Training Roadmap, and thus, employees are more prepared for their career growth.

Concurrently, the “Employee Engagement Survey 2023” lets the company know its employees' opinions, develops employee bonds, and promotes teamwork. As a result, the human resources management operated more effectively as 98% of S&P employees responded to the Evaluation Form, with employee participation scores at 73%.

Finally, the “Customer Satisfaction Project” helps S&P receive customer feedback, allowing the company to be able to respond to their demands correctly and develop a more effective service provision in 2023. The evaluation results showed an 89% approval rating across 17,541 customers.

Future Direction

S&P operates its business under its core principles of “Quality, Value, Virtue”, based on the principle of good governance and “Elevate the Next”. Moving forward, the company aims to generate gross sales with continuous profit growth and its strategy of “Grow Brand Fans and Collaborative Partnership” under the following guidelines.

“Work Process Efficiency” pushes S&P to develop systems that reduce work processes by using innovation and technologies in all work operations; “Sustainability Development” aims to develop the leaders and successors of the organization, to support competent personnel, and to develop a sustainability mindset in employees at all levels; “Strengthen Cultures & Organizer to Win” guides the company to put focus on customer-centric strategies by taking care of customers' demands, expanding to new customer bases, developing new products, and nurturing a collaborative and “thinking outside the box” culture for the rapid propulsion of the organization.

Company Milestones