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Siam Piwat
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Information about the Company

Siam Piwat Group (Siam Piwat) is Thailand’s eminent leader in lifestyle-and-retail real estate developer with a portfolio of award-winning global destinations such as Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery, and a joint venture partner of ICONSIAM, ICS, and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok. All these locations represent new heights in retail development, conceptual creation, and management excellence.

Siam Piwat has continued to chart remarkable milestones and remained committed to driving sustainable growth with its partners across the world who share the company’s mission of co-creating extraordinary experiences and state-of-the-art solutions to delight consumers of all ages, today and tomorrow.

The group continues to grow and has now expanded into 48 subsidiaries across 7 business groups, namely: Real Estate Development, Department Store, Retail, Venue Management, Food & Beverage, Digital Experience for Customer Experience Integration, and Business Support.

Innovative Corporate Culture & Growth Initiatives

Siam Piwat is determined to create a corporate culture that empowers limitless opportunities for employees and encourages them to adapt to any changes that impact customer behavior and their ways of living.

Siam Piwat has developed a new and more agile business model where employees are given opportunities to take part in formulating strategies and propose ideas and plans while also promoting self-development through training and education.

Working at Siam Piwat is challenging yet fulfilling every day. The group thinks big and strives to break new frontiers to make the impossible possible. It also provides a big canvas for employees to unleash their potential and creativity with opportunities to take on leadership roles in various projects, learn from great minds and experts from global organizations and world-renowned brands to craft and co-create the masterpieces that will become “the talk of the world.”

Every working day at Siam Piwat is an opportunity to think, innovate, acquire cutting-edge knowledge, work in an independent and flexible environment, and most importantly, do something valuable and achieve a sense of pride.

Achievements & Impact

The group has 64 years of expertise in retail and real estate development, 7 business lines, and 2 million square meters of retail and lifestyle space. With its expertise and ingenuity, Siam Piwat has acquired 50 partners from 13 industries and 1000 brands in its ecosystem, won 48 global awards and other forms of recognition, and employs over 2000 employees across all its business locations.

Future Direction

Siam Piwat is committed to developing new platforms on both physical and virtual worlds while using creativity and cutting-edge innovation as game changers to fulfill extraordinary experiences and propel future growth. Its mission is to become top-of-mind among stakeholders, create a second home for its customers as well as create a platform that fosters success for its retailers and partners.

The group has adopted the “Above the Ocean Strategy”, viewing its business in a new context and innovating new things from its existing value without any limitations. This strategy expands value-creation initiatives by various methods.

These have come to fruition by way of Siam Piwat’s shared economy through ONESIAM SuperApp and VIZ COINS and the co-creation of experiences beyond expectations both through physical and digital platforms to expand the group’s offerings and cater to global citizens. It has also led to the mindset of collaborating to win by creating an ecosystem of success in collaboration partners and fostering sustainable value in every process to create mutual growth for all involved.

This new strategy for the company has set it on a path to redefining and pioneering new businesses. Whether in the form of products, services, or platforms Siam Piwat will forge on to create access to a better quality of life without leaving anyone behind; as well as contributing to restoring the environment and passing on a better world to posterity.

Company Milestones