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Crown Machinery Company Limited
Manufacturing Industry

With integrity, earnestness, innovation, and service, we will bring the enterprise to the next level.

Information about the Company

Crown Machinery Company Limited (Crown Machinery) is a professional machinery manufacturer located in Taiwan. Equipped with high-quality design and manufacturing teams, it has the ability to provide up-to-date market analysis and comprehensive plant planning tailored to the needs of its customers. Established in 1992, Crown Machinery initially focused on turnkey designs for the PU & PVC synthetic and artificial leather industries. Throughout the years, it has been consistently focused on the development and innovation of process machinery that does coating, drying, and lamination.

With 30 years of experience, customer-oriented manufacturing capability, and excellent after-sales service, Crown Machinery is well-regarded by major multinational companies. The equipment produced by Crown Machinery has been successfully marketed to over 30 countries in Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East, serving over 280 domestic and foreign customers. Having a global mindset, it strives to provide monitoring and maintenance services with zero time difference to customers around the world.

Innovative Corporate Culture & Growth Initiatives

Crown Machinery and its president, Mr. Chia-Yu Chuang, are proud to contribute to numerous charities and events. The company annually donates to scholarships and rural after-school care programs which focus on disadvantaged students.

Employees of Crown Machinery are offered a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits. The company assists employees in their career development and strives to enhance company retention. This includes a well-established master-apprentice skill inheritance system and specialization training program. The program is led by experienced senior colleagues who serve as mentors and pass on their indispensable knowledge.

Achievements & Impact

Crown Machinery has teams that provide high-quality design and manufacturing services. The company proudly stands by its ability to provide up-to-date market analysis and comprehensive, customer-tailored plant planning. Its 30 years of in-depth experience, manufacturing capabilities, customer service, and after-sales support is renowned by many major international companies.

Since its establishment in 1992, Crown Machinery has adhered to the mission of creating a learning-oriented enterprise, maintaining a sustainable business, working for the benefit of mankind, and making Earth a better place. Even with its in-demand of processing machinery, Crown Machinery works hard to maintain strong customer relationships. It takes pride in the fact that it can provide service on a global level. This includes its ability to remotely monitor and provide global technical maintenance services 24 hours a day, building upon its status as a leader in the industry.

Future Direction

Crown Machinery assists its customers in developing an efficient production process and maintains support until a reliable operating system is put in place. The company’s objective is to maintain its excellent customer care by providing excellent service throughout the entire life cycle of the machinery.

Crown Machinery will continue to expand to new markets according to market demand and strengthen its research and development capabilities. To cater to its clients’ needs, research and development will be invested in various types of machinery that are used in producing tape and packing material, personal hygiene and medical equipment, textiles and leather, automotive and aerospace materials, construction materials, optical film, etc.

Adhering to the corporation’s core value of pursuing “energy savings and carbon reduction”, Crown Machinery takes its responsibility to future generations seriously. It uses energy and materials sparingly, preventing the harmful effects of its production methods on the environment. For Crown Machinery, a sustainable business includes an efficient manufacturing process and the development of resource-saving products; this philosophy also leads the company to long-term economic success.

Company Milestones