Linchpin of Asia Awards | APEA - Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards


The prestigious Enterprise Asia Linchpin of Asia Awards is a premier recognition program dedicated to honoring only the excellent, the most elite and best of the best industry leaders and enterprises exclusively selected across Asia.

The award honors the best business leaders and enterprises in Asia who have triumphed in the ever-changing waters of business, forging success at the peak of their respective industries, and provides them with the ideal platform for regional collaborations in 16 countries and across 24 industries. The few examples of industries include:

  • Finance/Banking
  • Food & Beverage (F&B)
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical / Healthcare
  • Property / Construction
  • Retail
  • Renewable Energy


The Enterprise Asia Linchpin of Asia Awards Plate is individually engraved for each recipient of the award. The Award Plate further emphasizes the intricate emboss that denotes the refined experience and years of effort dedicated to the recipient’s career and business.

A timeless recognition piece artistically crafted with the outer ring adorned with the official national flower of every country within Asia, a beautiful symbolism of the winner as the proud representation of his/ her country, as the linchpin of Asia.
Engraved in the center of the Award Plate is the map of Asia, signifying that at the heart of the Award is the recognition of the best of the best leaders and enterprises in Asia.
Each plate is made bespoke to include the name of the recipient. This carefully crafted design is to ennoble the work and contribution made in this name for perpetuity.



The 8-POINTED STAR of the logo forms an octagram to represent the 8 dimensions in the evaluation and judging of potential recipients.

These 8 dimensions define the universal values of entrepreneurship and progressive enterprises - inspirational leadership, innovation and inclusion for all.