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Vidya Vishwas Industries

Corporate Excellence Category

Vidya Vishwas Industries

Vidya Vishwas Industries was incorporated in the year of 2005 by its Chairman Mr. Vishwas Vasant Tendolkar. Within a short span, it had became one of the leading manufacturers of Textile Auxillaries and Speciality Chemicals in India. Now along with him his two sons Mr. Aditya Vishwas Tendolkar And Mr. Ameen Vishwas Tendolkar are shouldering the responsibility of the company.

The Company started with the manufacturing of textile auxillaries and speciality chemicals for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, metal ore refinery, electroplating chemicals, dye stuff and pigment manufacturing, paint. Slowly and firmly, they entered into the pesticides, agrochemicals, water treatment, oil refinery industry.

With sheer hard work, consistency in quality and service to its customers, and ethical approach towards business, this company has become one of the leading Manufacturers of well diversified products in India. Its unit is well equipped to carry out all kinds of reactions. With the expertise of their technical team under the guidance of their Mr. Vishwas, they were able to satisfy the needs of customers, and strive to develop products as per the need of their customer. Furthermore, Vidya Vishwas Industries is committed to add value to its customers by providing quality products and services.

The Company’s vision is to be a global leader in the manufacturing of speciality chemicals, and its mission is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services at a competitive price.

Vidya Vishwas Industries’ Quality Policies are:

  • To follow Suitable Quality Management System
  • Take Safety Measures at the work place
  • Work towards finding new technologies, improving quality and services
  • Encourage employees to participate in the decision and give suggestions for improving quality
VVI Logo
Vidya Vishwas Industries

6, Palm View,
Lakhamsy Nappu Road,
Dadar (East), Mumbai – 400014
Tel: +91-98-21122509

Company Milestone


  • Company was formed by Mr. Vishwas Vasant Tendolkar.


  • Became an ISO 9001 Certified Company.


  • Awarded by multinational client during their international conference.


  • Received recognition from Government of Maharashtra for Excellent Quality and Service.


  • Acquired new Chemical Manufacturing Unit.

Corporate Culture & Company Activities

Vidya Vishwas Industries workforce has a well-defined hierarchy and responsibilities. Despite the well-defined hierarchy, the work culture in this company is still very friendly. Suggestions from anyone in the company are taken into consideration. Each and every employee can give their input towards developing new products and expanding the reach of existing products. Employees can come up with new ideas which can add value to the Company and it’s customers. Thorough discussion is done and if that idea is technically and commercially feasible, the Company will assign works on the particular project with that person at helm. Furthermore, after successful completion and launch, the person will be rewarded. This boosts morale amongst their employees and gives them the motivation to work towards progress of the organisation.

In addition, employees at Vidya Vishwas Industries are made aware about the Company’s social and environmental responsibilities. Their inputs are taken into consideration to find out challenges in it and how to overcome those challenges. This helps to improve the Company’s social and environmental aspects. Every new recruit is trained to take up these responsibilities and the management team of the Company monitors all the activities.

Achievements and Impact

From the inception of Vidya Vishwas Industries, every year it has a continuous growth of minimum 20%. The Company has given growth of stupendous 60% in business in the last financial year. They are also expecting similar growth in 2019. Furthermore, this year they are going for expansion which will further enhance their growth in the next financial year. This expansion will created more jobs for local communities. The Company always follows Industrial norms and has managed to achieve zero waste to landfill. It is also moving towards achieving carbon neutrality and positive water balance, as well as reducing specific energy consumption.

Future Direction

The Company’s future plans involve increasing their range of products and range of industries to which they supply. It has taken a step towards the plans by taking over another chemical manufacturing unit. They plan to install machineries which will enhance their production capabilities in the new unit.

Furthermore, the main focus of Vidya Vishwas Industries will be on R & D, to develop innovative products under the valued guidance of Mr. Vishwas, which will add value to the company and their customers. The Company is also planning for backward integration as well as forward integration. With these products and production capabilities, the Company will try to penetrate more international markets.