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Heidelberg Prominent Fluid Controls (I) Pvt Ltd

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Heidelberg Prominent Fluid Controls (I) Pvt Ltd

Heidelberg ProMinent Fluid Controls (I) Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of ProMinent GmbH, Germany. ProMinent is a global leader in the field of Dosing Pumps, Controllers, Ozone and Chlorine di Oxide generators, Sensors and Controllers etc., The ProMinent group has offices in 55 countries with manufacturing facilities in Germany, Malta, Czech Republic, China, U.S.A and India.

Heidelberg ProMinent was first started as a joint venture company with an Indian Company as partner in 1988. The joint venture company was able to establish itself very successfully under the leadership of Mr. Rao as the General Manager. However later for certain reasons, ProMinent came out of the Joint Venture Company and started a fully owned subsidiary – Heidelberg ProMinent Fluid Controls (I) Pvt Ltd, in year 1997. Mr. Rao became the Managing Director of this company. Subsequently, the Company reestablished itself successfully and has been able to enjoy continued success.

Heidelberg ProMinent manufactures Electronic Dosing Pumps, Motorised Metering Pumps, Dosing Systems, Sensors & Controllers, Ozone Generators, Chlorine di Oxide Generators, Polymer mixing and Dosing systems and allied products. This Company was the first to introduce Chlorine di Oxide generators in the area of water treatment in India.

In addition to the regular ProMinent series of pumps, Heidelberg ProMinent has designed, developed and manufactured two series of Pumps which have been tested extensively in Germany and cleared for sales all over the world. These pumps are sold by the Company at very competitive prices and have found to be useful in many markets around the world. The biggest exports from Heidelberg ProMinent go to China and this has reversed the trend of Indian companies always buying from China. The products manufactured by Heidelberg ProMinent are exported to countries like Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand etc., The Company has proved that it is possible to manufacture top quality products in India that can find markets in different parts of the world.

Heidelberg Prominent Fluid Controls (I) Pvt Ltd

No.2/2, Mes Road
Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore – 560022
Tel: +91-80–23087600

Company Milestone


  • Establishment of this Company as a fully owned subsidiary of ProMinent GmbH, Germany.


  • The sale of the first Chlorine di Oxide generator for water treatment in India.


  • Moving into its own office and works in Bangalore.


  • Development of a new series of pumps now sold all over the world.


  • Development of a second line of pumps especially exported to China.

The Company has always tried to maintain the highest quality standards, without making any compromises to save on costs. This is the reason why the Company’s products are accepted all over the world. Since these products are entirely manufactured in India, they are made available at very competitive prices. Heidelberg ProMinent has most importantly made products of international quality, available to the Indian industry at affordable prices. As the company depends a lot on local sub suppliers, it was a challenging task in the beginning to impress upon these suppliers the importance of maintaining top quality but over a period of time they were able to appreciate this and the company is able to maintain the required quality levels with all its sub suppliers.

The Company believes in its’ motto – “ProMinent – Quality, Reliability and Service” (PQRS). By always keeping up its commitment to the customers, it enjoys the loyalty of all its regular buyers. The Company has been able to achieve an average market growth of 15% over the years, and has remained very profitable and with absolutely no borrowings.

Heidelberg ProMinent has also been able to retain and motivate its employees. There are quite a few who have remained with the Company from the beginning and there are many others who have completed more than 10 years with the Company. The Company has been able to provide an open and free atmosphere for its employees to function in, and this has resulted in most of them choosing to make a career with the Company. The employees are given total freedom to innovate and bring in improvements. The employees are also sent regularly for training to Germany and other places to keep themselves updated with the latest technology.

The Company also believes in doing its bit for the society and has been donating regularly to charitable causes. The Company was awarded the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” by Helpage India in 2007, and the best performing subsidiary award within the ProMinent group many times.

Heidelberg ProMinent has ambitious expansion plans and wishes to diversify into other areas of process control. This includes products especially meant for the Oil and Gas industry as well as the Power industry. The Company also plans to enter into areas involving other types of pumps.

The Company has always striven to offer the finest quality products to its customers at reasonable prices, to be fair to its employees and all associates, and also to contribute its might to the society for any worthwhile cause.