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Jespipat Tilapornputt, a famous celebrity who is more well-known as an actor with more than 14 million of followers. He has starred in TV dramas and movies since 2009 but lately has revealed yet another layer to his multitude of talents. Let's look forward to his performance tonight!


Embarking on her journey as the distinguished titleholder of Miss Universe Thailand in 2015, she set her sights on new horizons, captivating hearts and minds not only as a beauty queen but also as a versatile talent. As the curtains of the pageant world closed, a new stage awaited her – the world of entertainment. With each step she takes, her grace and charm extend beyond the runway. With a radiant presence and a captivating aura, she effortlessly graces both the stage and screen, leaving an indelible mark. Ladies and gentlemen, as the story unfolds, allow me to unveil the woman who embodies this captivating odyssey, none other than the luminous Aniporn Chalermburanawong.

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